The right Project Management tool for startups

Supercharge your team's productivity with a powerful project management service with built-in project roadmap board for your audience to interact with

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Leverage powerful project management features and key metrics to keep you ahead of your game

Easy To Use

Easily create, manage and view your project's status reports with a user-friendly interface.
Easy to navigate by newbies

Enhanced Project Managment tool

See tasks that are pending, completed or in progress; know who is lacking behind and drawing the team backwards to make important decisions in improving the project's development process

Monitor Project's Budget & Expenditures

Set target budget for your projects and specify expenses for each task assigned to help you keep track of the financial resources used while building a project

Engaging Road Maps

Let your investors, customers etc. see what you and your team are up to. Let your audience add feature-requests, bug-fixes, etc for your team to consider working on

Staying productive shouldn't be hard

We've made project management easy so your team can truly stay productive at all times

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Minimize the overhead of managing and keeping track of your projects

  • Project Financial Analytics
  • Set Budget and Expenditures
  • View Project's progress report
  • View Project's tasks summary
  • Assign team members to project
  • View team member's contributions
  • View task status reports
  • Manage project's data
  • Interactive project roadmap
  • Interactive project board
  • Get new concepts from investors, customers etc. on your roadmap board
  • View Community Notes from project concepts
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Streamline and get more work done with the Project Management service on Belugar

Stay productive and engaged with your customers right from the beginning