The right Accounting tool for startups

Keep track of your business' sales, expenses and get insights on your monthly financial status with ease

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Leverage powerful accounting features and key metrics to keep you ahead of your game

Easy To Use

Easily create, update, delete and view your business' financial records with a user-friendly interface.
Easy to navigate by newbies

Send Sale/Expense Invoice Quotes

Easily send your customers invoice quotes of your products; send your team members invoices of their monthly salary/stipend payments, using a 100% customizable invoice and email templates

Import/Export Financial Records

Import or export your business' financial records with ease for futher analysis or presentation.
Port or extract data without barriers


Get your business' daily, monthly and overall financial insights on all currencies you've dealt with across the years of operation.
Utilize important key metrics to help you make better financial decisions

Making complex accounting decisions simple

We've made keeping track of your business' financial status easy so you don't have to

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Minimize the overhead of keeping track of your financial records

  • Financial Analytics
  • Add/View/Edit/Delete Financial Records
  • Daily Financial Statements
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Export Financial Records
  • Import Financial Records
  • Date Range Filter Records
  • Unlimited Financial Meta Data
  • Send Sale/Expense Quote Invoices
  • Fully Customizable Invoice Templates
  • Send Sale/Expense Emails
  • Fully Customizable Email Templates
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Drive more revenue with the Accounting service on Belugar

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