The right Marketing tool for startups

Sell more and create more awareness using the Belugar marketing service. Easily create waitlists, surveys and publish social media & email marketing campaigns across all the channels your business supports

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Leverage powerful marketing features and key metrics to drive more sales and keep you ahead of your game

Easy To Use

Easily create, manage and view your business' social media posts and email marketing campaigns with a user-friendly interface.
Easy to navigate by newbies

Publish across multiple channels

Seamlessly publish social media contents in the top and important channels your business is available on. Create product waitlists and surveys to learn what your potential customers love about your product

Generate contents with AI

Completely remove the brainstorming barrier!
Generate marketing ideas, interesting stories and contents with AI


Get wonderful page stats and insights on your subscribers, social media posts and more

Making complex marketing strategies simple

Supercharge your marketing experience and close more sales with ease

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Reduce startup marketing friction to a minimum or none

  • Feature-rich marketing experience
  • Create and publish email marketing campaigns
  • Create and publish social media campaigns
  • Enhanced and categorized subscriber lists
  • Import/Export subscriber lists
  • Schedule & automate social media campaigns
  • Schedule & automate email marketing campaigns
  • Publish campaigns to a specific set of subscriber category
  • Easily convert your waitlist signups to subscribers
  • Generate marketing concepts with AI
  • Improve email delivery score with optional campaign opt-out links
  • Get insights, stats and more on social media campaigns
  • Key metrics for improving marketing decision making
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Take your marketing to the next level with the Marketing service on Belugar

Getting a customer's attention is one thing, keeping them engaged is another. Do it better with Belugar today