The right Team Management tool for startups

Create, manage and assign roles to your team members which grants them access to your business' Belugar dashboard

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Leverage powerful team management features to help keep you and your team focused

Easy To Use

Easily onboard and manage your team members with a user-friendly interface.
Easy to navigate by newbies

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to team members directly from their profile info.
Let your developement team view and work on tasks right from their Visual Studio Code app

Member Metrics

See how a team member's activity impacts your business, with KPIs on their completed and open tasks

Schedule Meeting

Easily schedule meetings with a team member from their profile info

Making complex team management experience simple

Team work makes the dream work! But that's when you have a team with clearly defiend roles.
Do it with Belugar today!

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Segregate your teams into meaninful roles

  • Team role management
  • Easily create and manage team members
  • View and manage team member's info