The right Team Meetings tool for startups

Schedule and automate your team's weekly meeting using Google Meet, Zoom or any other meeting channels you love

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Leverage powerful meeting features to keep you and your team productive

Easy To Use

Easily create, update, delete and view weekly team meetings with a user-friendly interface.
Easy to navigate by newbies

Calendar Based

Easily create and manage recurring or one-time meetings tied your calendar

Unlimited Meeting Channels

Leverage the multitude of meeting channels available to you.
Use Google Meet, Zoom or manually generate and attach meeting links from any other channels you like

Schedule & Automate

Schedule and automate recurring weekly team meetings

Making complex team meetings experience simple

Reduce the time spent on manually creating recurring weekly team meetings

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Image Description

Minimize the overhead of manually creating weekly team meetings

  • Easy to use
  • Calendar based
  • Supports scheduling and automation